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Portable Radios & Chargers

Aurora Series Operator Manual LAA 0725 Installation Manual
DPH-DMH Series Specifications LAA0760 (UCOM) Software Manual
DPH Programming Manual LAA 300 Series Schematic
DPH Programming Manual (Alternate) LPH Operator Manual
DPHx Owners Manual LPH Operators Manual (Alternate)
EPI Series Specifications LPH Series Service Manual 1/2
EPH Series Specifications LPH Series Service Manual 2/2
EPH Narrow Band Programming Information "L" Series Repeater Information
EPH-EPI Operator Manual Part Number Cross Reference
EPU Series Specifications Portable Radio - Control Panel Parts
EPV Series Specifications Portable Radio - Front Parts
GPH Owners Manual Portable Radio - Push-To-Talk Parts
GPH Series Specifications Portable Radio - Rear Parts
GPH Operator Instructions Side Connector Information
GPH-CMD Series Specifications UHF-VHF Programming Manual
GPH-CMD Programming Manual AN/PRC-127 Operators Manual
GPH-CMD Owners Manual AN/PRC-127A Operators Manual
KX99 Operator Manual (Aviation Radio) AN/PRC-127 Technical Manual

Mobile Radios

DPH-DMH Series Specifications GMH Series Specifications
DMH Owners Manual GMH Operator Manual
EMV Series Specifications LMH Operator Manual
ENB Series Specifications RYB Series Specifications

Base Stations & Repeaters

GBH Owners Manual "S" Series Specifications
GBH Specifications "V" Series Specifications
GRH Specifications

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