Bendix/King LPH 5140

VHF Portable Radio

Frequency Range: 148MHz to 173.995 MHz - 5KHz Channel Step - 14 Channel

5 Watts Power - The LPH series has the Lexan Case.

   The Bendix/King LPH 5140 radio measures 9" x 2¾" x 1½" (not including antenna).

The LAA 0820 Bias-wound ¼ wave antenna is 5¼" long. / The holster is model number LAA 0415.

Weight: 2 pound 4 ounces with LAA 0115 battery pack, antenna and holster.

Controls include CG-SQ (Code Guard™ - Squelch), Off / Volume,

Channel Selector, PRI (channel priority), Scan, a transmit LED (red) and priority LED (yellow).

The yellow LED also flashes for low battery alert.

With no keyboard, this model is only programmable via the LAA-0700 Cloning cable.

Views of the accessory panel with PTT (Push To Talk) switch and the battery connector.

Not shown is the rubber side cover with antenna retaining loop. Bendix/King part: 1411-40006-200

Model LAA 0115 - "AA" size dry cell holder.

This holder is used with 10 replaceable or rechargeable cells.

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