Bendix/King MPH 2142

VHF Portable Radio

Frequency Range: 148MHz to 173.995 MHz - 5KHz/12.5KHz Channel Step

14 Channel - 2 Watts Power - The MPH series has the Metal Case.


The Bendix/King MPH 2142 radio measures 9" x 2¾" x 1½" (not including antenna).

The antenna uses a 5/16"- 32 x 3/8" threaded connection.

The LAA 0820 Bias-wound ¼ wave antenna is 5¼" long. Weight: 2 pound 8 ounces with:

LAA 0125 battery pack, LAA 0820 antenna, LAB 0436 holster and LAA 0423 "T" strap.

Controls include CG-SQ (Code Guard™ - Squelch), Off / Volume,

Channel Selector, PRI (channel priority), Scan, a transmit LED (red) and priority LED (yellow).

The yellow LED also flashes for low battery alert. The LCD display show the channel selected and scan

activity. The keypad is used for programming the radio. The LAA-0701 programming plug is required.

The knobs are held on by a 0.048" six flute Bristol spline socket setscrew.

McMaster-Carr has the "L-Key", part number 7048A13 in their catalog.

Views of the accessory panel with PTT (Push To Talk) switch and the battery connector.

Not shown is the rubber side cover with antenna retaining loop. Bendix / King part: 1411-40006-200

Model LAA 0125 -  "NiCd" nickel-cadmium battery pack.

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